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My random life (complete with new piercing!)

Okay so wow. I finally felt over my bought of pneumonia, enough so to go out with my friend tonight, gossip about the ever-entertaining antics of my ex, who has now gone country so it would seem (Boot scootin' boogie, ftw!), make funny faces int eh windows at Chili's, (got a GOOD laugh out of a kids birthday party), and spontaneously get best friend piercings.

Okay maybe not so spontaneous- I've been waiting for forever to finally be 18 and be able to get my belly pierced. It's not uncommon at all, it's not special, it's just not a big deal, I know, but to me it is, just because... I could whip out my i.d. and say yes, i do want this piercing, and no, i do not need parental permission.

Best friend and I now have matching belly rings and temporary funny faces drawn on our stomachs by the piercer. And that's all good and fine... BUT.

Did you guys know that apparently, after you first get them done, just touching the damn thing makes you light-headed and nauseous? Yeah. Holy crap. This thing is pain already. Walking around walmart moaning about the occasional tiny pinches was pretty hilairous though. Although the experience as a whole was much better than the time I decided to pierce my nose in the parking lot of Walmart. Much better indeed. Eh, me and my weird decisions. Will I ever learn?

Ugh, idk. What do we think?
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