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What?! Lexi Writes? Nahhh....


how is everyone in the LJ community todaaayyyy? I'm pretty good, despite a killer pain in my back and droopy eyes, I'm still buzzin from sleep deprivation and I feel accomplished!! Wanna know why? Because...

I stayed up all night long finishing the last two or maybe like, two and a half chapters, of a series of little original fics I've been working on and I'm very very proud of them! I really wanna stick 'em on here. Problem is... everyone I know on here is a hardcore fanfic person which is great... I just wonder if I would have any audience for posting original fiction on here. It's good, I assure you, just Gerard and Adam-free unless of course one of my chracters is having a wet dream or something but... yeah.

In case anybody's curious,the series is called Beautiful Garbage. It's about a group of homeless kids trying to make it in the big city, doing whatever it is they feel comfortable doing to try to get by. You know what that means- theft, drugs and prostitution! Whoohoo!! Ratings? Why, of course. Up to a hard R so far, no guarantees it won't go further someday. And it just wouldn't be fun at all if it wasn't stuffed full of slashy boy-on-boy goodness, so no worries there.

I really wanna put it up. I probaby will. Even if no one wants to read it, it will be here and the next time someone thinks, 'wow, she doesn't do anything except write funny metaphors in the comments on my fics', I can prove them wrong.

So... what do we think? Any takers?
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