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Prayer to the God of Glam...

Sooooo.... here's a little tidbit I know you all ought to enjoy.

I was so very inspired by recent videos from Adam's (EARTH-SHATTERINGLY EPIC) concert in Amsterdam.... that I decided to take the final leap across the line form 'fan' to 'worshiper' of Adam Lambert. That's right- I was so moved by his performance that I was inspired to write an actual prayer to the Glitter God, ladies and gents, showing my devotion as a Glittizen and giving praise to He Who Makes Life Sparkle.

Indeed, friends, it's finally happened: glam is a religion. Get into it.


A Prayer to Adam Lambert:


Adam, you are god. God of dark beautiful things that before my discovery of your lure, i never knew i could find such pleasure in. Thank you for leading this little black sheep off the path of the righteous and into your sinfully beautiful garden. Thank you for the apples you offer me daily to make sure I stay astray.


Yours is absolutely the most wanton, gratuitous, lascivious performance I have ever seen I don't think anything could make me any happier. You have given me all that I could have ever wanted (short of actual physical contact or say, fucking Tommy onstage). I am lost in this maddening new world of beauty and lust that you have created, weaving your spell so well with that voice and that body and those beautiful things you do. Nothing in my own dreams could have been so delicious.


You are both the apple and the serpent, Adam darling, the way you tempt us with your beauty and the purity of that voice and ensnare us in your trap with those lithe hips and luscious body. You make me proud to bare the name of Glittzen to let all the world know that I defy conventions with you and one day, as you have so beautifully proved, we will reign supreme for the age of the glittizen is an age of beauty, lust, freedom, love and glitter akin to Woodstock and the sexual revolution in one, plus all that and a bag of chips.


With every performance i am forever resigned to writhe in ecstasy beneath your beautiful spell and revel in the many pleasures of your sacred flesh. You are beauty so powerful we serve as your humble servants commanded by the notes of your sweet melodies.


I'm so obsessed with your sexiness.

Forever bound to your glamorous godliness,

I love you Adam Lambert.



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